Forever Blu: Book Three. Chapter Four : Not So Common Enemy After All.

Somewhere far off from the heroes and their troubles, a huge mothership flies through the emptiness of space. Surrounding this mothership, countless waves of ships fly around it, to a destination unknown. But deep inside, an important person is kept prisoner at the moment. Highly guarded around the cell, so no one can enter in, or escape out. But another important figure approaches from the outside.
It is Demoine, second overall in command of The Gyth Empire. Last seen of him, he was dealing with Blu Oharo and the other heroes, in another dimension, on planet Sorrous. In hopes to correct the mistakes of his other warlords, Demoine ended up catching the same fate as the others. This has left a sour taste in the general’s mouth and leaving some other warlords to question his leadership. One warlord in particular, is that of the name Spector, who has grown some interests in one, Kya Oharo.
Demoine doesn’t walk alone, guarded by his special elite soldiers, side by side. He approaches the near cell door, heavily guarded by Gyth soldiers. Protocol would advise any soldier for special clearance to let anyone pass by and enter this far, but none are this dumb to do so, knowing exactly who this is. Passing on, Demoine looks at the other guard, with the passcode to open the cell door. The guard quickly and nervously does as he presses each button for access to open the cell.
Before entering in, Demoine speaks to his elite guards.

Demoine: Stay here.

Fully aware of the situation at hand, they obey as they are told, leaving Demoine to enter inside. It is dark and very quiet, with Demoine standing poise in place, looking forward ahead. He sees his special prisoner sitting quietly chained. This actually puts a smile on the evil general’s face.

Demoine: Every now and then, when I am feeling down, I see you like this and realize life isn’t so bad after all.

This unknown prisoner then begins to lean forward and gets up from the shadows of the darkness. Walking slowly up to the general, it is non other than the evil genius himself, Spector. After the embarrassing defeat three months ago, instead of killing Spector, he spared him and imprisoned him, with a built in life support system to sustain him without his suit. Most have believed Spector died in that day of the incident, but Demoine and a few knew that he was alive and somewhat well. Spector stands, but not too well, without his power suit, which he has been seen many times in.

Spector: Everynow and then, I hope for brighter moments in the day. But then I see you and realize that all that hope is a lie. What do you want Demoine?

Demoine looks down and takes a moment to grin, before smacking the already weak warlord in the face. Spector shows no emotion as blood runs down his mouth.

Demoine: Still wish to say anything smart? To think the many opportunities I have had to finish you off. Even now the temptation is there.

Spector: So what’s holding you back?

Demoine: Death… it may be too easy for you at this point. You’ve spent your entire legacy putting others in tests and pain, even yourself. Looking at you now… is there anything left of you?

Spector: I do not need your pity, old friend.

Demoine: Trust me, you have none. And believe me when I say, I am not your friend.

Demoine almost looks to walk away, before Spector speaks again.

Spector: You have me alive for a reason, I’d like to know why.

Demoine: You still hold value to The Gyth, at least to me.

Spector: Now that’s amusing, considering you have me locked up in here.

Demoine: For one thing, you know the potential of that young girl you were so blindly after. That means you know she is a threat to not only us, but to our leader, Lord Age.

Spector: (Smiling) Is that all? Surely you of all people cannot be afraid of a little girl.

Demoine stands over the helpless genius, like an elephant over a mouse, in intimidating fashion.

Demoine: It’s because of you, she and the rest of those kids are still alive and still out there.

Spector: So it is my fault? I last remember you were there also, to finish them off as well. So I ask you… what happened?

Silence comes over the general for a couple of seconds as he then looks away from Spector.

Demoine: Time is not a good friend for neither you, or I at this point. Age is soon to come from his latest conquest, and answers must be met.

Spector: So… answer them. I’ve warned you of all this, in the beginning. Besides, you are his favorite, after all. Why should you worry in the end?

Spector takes a moment to think and slowly stands up behind Demoine.

Spector: Unless… you are already on thin ice yourself with our king.

Demoine stands silent again, which puts a mischievous smirk on Spector’s face.

Spector: Clearly you know something, don’t you? I take pride in reading many victim’s minds, in their scared, secret states. Even in my weakened form, I can feel your mind losing momentum and strength to minds. It only takes a second for even the strongest of minds to give in to me if they crack just a little.

A very mad look comes over Demoine’s face as he grabs hold of Spector’s neck and braces him to the wall as he is no match for Demoine in this state.

Demoine: There is nothing scared about me! You will keep your cheap mind tricks away from me also, is that clear?!

Spector: (Continuing to smile) I sense nervousness. Am I reaching into something?

Demoine drops the small aquatic down onto the ground. Demoine turns back around, away from Spector, who tries to get himself back together.

Demoine: You are alive, to create your greatest creation for me.

Spector finally gets back up, taking caution to Demoine’s next move.

Spector: Let me guess, you wish to become more stronger and have more power. To be honest, you clearly don’t need me for that. You have a plenty of great genetic workers that can achieve that for you.

Demoine: Although that maybe true, they do not have the genius and fortitude that you have, to what I desire.

Spector: And exactly what is that?

Demoine: You told me, that young boy, Blu… you told me he went into a portal and he became even stronger.

Spector: It was designed by the Owecs, themselves. But as much to know, far too dangerous to by used by anyone.

Demoine: But he succeeded! He became powerful through it!

Spector: True, an unsuspected calculation from my standings. But those doors could only be opened through a special key and the only key left was the one to open back on Sorrouss’s dimension.

Demoine: Exactly. I wish to go back there and I want you to open it up again.

Spector laughs as much as his strength can give him, after Demoine’s latest comment.

Spector: You must be joking, because there is no way you could be so serious. That dimension was destroyed by Blu himself.

Demoine: Do you not think I know that? I want that dimension opened again.

Spector can only put his head down in shame and disgust, over all this that has been put to light.

Spector: Do you not understand, it can’t be opened, because it has been destroyed. The radius of its energy, is no longer there anymore.

Demoine: Do you really believe that boy destroyed a whole entire dimension? Because I don’t, and you will figure that out for me.

Spector: Really? And if I don’t?

Demoine leans closely up to the evil genius, looking as intimidating as he can upon the weakened warlord.

Demoine: This really isn’t an option at this point. You can waste away in here and die slowly, or you can achieve what you say can’t be achieved. It’s your choice at best.

Spector takes a moment before speaking once again at Demoine’s ultimatum.

Spector: And what do I get out of this, if I choose yes?

Demoine: What we all desire at this point, power, clear and simple.

Spector puts his hand out, to shake the general’s hand.

Spector: Fine. You do realize this also means we are planning to somehow overthrow Lord Age, right?

Demoine: (Smiling) Are We? Let’s first see you pull this off, then we will know what the score is after.

It would seem a new evil alliance is being formed, within the deep reaches of space. An alliance that is predicated in the success of a dimension that may, or may not exist. Silence has settled on the unknown, snowy and icy planet, where our heroes have taken refuge since the incidents on planet Sorruss. For three months, everything has been peaceful for them as they re-gather themselves, after the incidents with The Gyth. But the last twenty-four hours have been different as the heroes have been put back to the test again, fighting an unknown, yet powerful enemy.
It would seem that whomever they are, do not appear to be associated with The Gyth. The heroes are now gathered, surrounded by the same creatures and beasts, they had not too long ago were fighting. For each hero, the feeling is tense and cautious, not sure why their new foes stopped fighting. Kya stands in the forefront of her comrades, waiting for the next move. Yuni approaches his sister, quietly tugging on her shirt, to get her attention.

Yuni: Kya, what’s going on around here?

Kya doesn’t say anything as she continues to look around, still determined in her look. Yuni though, seems relentless to get his sister to speak and notice him.

Yuni: (Still tugging) Come on Kya! Why aren’t you speaking?

Kya then finally glances back to her little brother, to stop him from his continued annoying on her.

Kya: I’m not quite sure yet.

Yuni: You obviously have to know something. One minute that guy was attacking you and the next, he’s not.

Red, who has been silent the whole time, now steps up and walks up to both Kya and Yuni. Red is still guarded in his stance, not fully secure in whatever the situation is.

Red: I don’t trust this.

Kya: Neither do I.

Red: Why do you think they stopped?

Kya: (Shaking her head) Not sure. You know Yuni asked me the same question. But the main one, I believe he’s in charge, he knew I was an Owec.

Yuni: What?! You didn’t tell me that!

Kya: Didn’t think much of it at the time, Yuni.

Yuni: That’s not something you just forget either, Kya!

The rest of the group gathers around the bantering trio.

Omario: You guys okay over here? You all are starting to make a scene.

Yuni: Kya just told us, that the main guy over there knows she is an Owec.

Kya: Yuni, shut up!

Omario: What? Did he already know, or is he just finding out?

Kya: I don’t believe he knew. He stopped when he saw me doing something… when I was about to make a move.

Yuni: Well don’t look now, but I think he’s coming this way.

Everyone looks on as they see the mysterious man making his way towards them. He makes his way through the crowd of snow beasts and other big threats from earlier. Red looks to draw his sword out, till Kya stops him.

Kya: Let’s first see what he does first, okay?

Red looks at Kya and reluctantly puts it back, waiting for the enemy’s move. The mysterious man reaches in front of Kya and the rest as they are still surrounded.

Mysterious Man: I apologize for all this inconvenience. We don’t get many visitors as you can tell. At least not good ones in these times we live in.

Kya: You mean The Gyth?

Mysterious Man: Yes, but these days, it is too far for them to want to attempt to make a trip here, considering they haven’t discovered us.

Kya: Just exactly where are we?

Mysterious Man: You mean, you don’t know where you are?

Kya: (Shaking her head) Not exactly.

Mysterious Man: You are on planet Rondus. Somewhere approximately twenty, or so light years from The Gyth’s home planet.

Omario: Did you say, twenty light years?

Mysterious Man: Yes.

Joe: I take it, that’s not good.

Flure: Let’s just say, we’re very far from our objective.

Omaro: Very? Let’s be honest, we’re a lifetime away from our objective. Why would Blu send us all the way out here?

Red begins to get frustrated and interrupts the conversation.

Red: Just exactly who are you anyways, and why did you attack us?

Kya: (Looking over at Red) Red, no!

Red: I’m sorry Kya, but this is getting nowhere. We were doing fine, until this guy and his men tried to ambush us and take us out! If it weren’t for our abilities, we wouldn’t be standing here right now.

Kya: And do you think that is the only reason we’ve survived? Not our will and need to live and purpose?

The mysterious man interrupts, hoping to stop the upcoming argument between the two.

Mysterious Man: It is perfectly fine. To be honest, I was hoping to get to that. My name is Kershen. As you may already know, I am the head of my people that you see here.

Omario: That has interested me, you seem different from all the others.

Kershen: That is because I am not originally from this planet. I am a guardian, long lost and forgotten in these days and times, I’m afraid.

Joe: Guardian? Isn’t that like the Owecs?

Omario: No Joe, the Owecs were considered watchers, remember? They were ambassadors for peace, not violence.

Kershen: Correct. My species however, come from different races. Highly trained and uniquely picked for our jobs. Few of us were chosen to go to planets like this, and protect each species, that may not be able to protect on their own.

Chancer: You know, you could’ve fooled us there. We had to fight for our lives to survive their countless attack.

Kershen: Yet, you posed a threat, to where I needed to intervene. As I said before, we don’t get much visitors around here.

Kya: You stopped fighting when you realized I was a descendant of the Owecs, why?

Kershen: Besides the obvious? We guardians worked one with the Owec race. Sure, our methods were very different, but in the end, our purposes were the same… peace. Believing that the Owec race had faded after Dako had fallen, some of us guardians dug deep in our respective places, doing what we did best.

Omario: Wait a minute, that’s kind of like what Nitto did, after what happened to Dako. You believe Nitto was a guardian?

Kya: That is interesting. But he said he fought alongside his own people, the sanjens.

Kershen: You knew Nitto?

Kya: Yes, or at least we did. He is part of the reason why we’re still here today. Unfortunatly, our last battle with The Gyth caused some huge choices to be made. In the end, he sacrificed himself, so I and the others can be here.

Kya begins to look down, feeling the disappointments of the past. She thinks of the people that should be here, but are not. Kershen gently lifts her head back up.

Kershen: Clearly, you have seen some things. All a part of battle and war, I’m afraid. But to be here, alive, surely there is a great purpose in all of that.

The multitude of beasts begin to clear a path for the group.

Kya: What are they doing?

Kershen: Still more to discuss, but not here. I’m sure you will find there is more to this place, than just snow and ice.

Kya reluctantly nods her head in agreement, to go join the seemingly, trust worthy guardian. She goes as the rest follow, except Red, who doesn’t look to be joining. Kya stops to turn back, noticing Red isn’t following.

Kya: Red, are you not coming?

Red stays silent for a minute, in defense mode, before speaking to Kya.

Red: No, I think I’ll stay out here.

Kya looks to want to say more, not happy with Red’s choice. Then, Chancer intervenes as he gets Kya’s attention.

Chancer: You guys go on ahead, I think I’ll stay out here with Red.

But Kya isn’t so ready to let go just yet, seeing no corroboration with her two comrades.

Kya: I mean, really guys? This really isn’t the time for macho mannerisms here. We have a lot of ground to pick up and this is not the time.

Omario then interupts.

Omario: Kya, let them be. You need to know what is ahead, more than any of us right now.

Kya looks at Omario, then looks back over at the others, before moving on. Many miles above the planet of Rondus, a ship seems to be approaching by. It’s fairly big in size, slowly passing over the cold planet, almost in observation. Looking much more closely at the ship, you realize it is no ordinary ship, but a Gyth ship.
Gyth ships don’t normally pass through these ways, but something has surely caused this one to come today. Inside the main bridge, one of the commanding officers has entered in, looking for information.

Gyth commanding officer: Exactly why did we part from the main fleet, to reach here?

Gyth Soldier: Sir, that high energy source reading you were asking about, it is on that planet.

G.C. Officer: Planet Rondus? It is a primitive planet, no? Not even worth a bleep on our conquest maps.

Gyth Soldier: True sir, but that is where the high energy came from. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost it.

G.C. Officer: What do you mean, lost it?

Gyth Solider: Like, it just stopped. Whatever, or whoever, just stopped.

The General Commanding Officer of the ship, walks closely to the monitor, looking at the lowly planet.

G.C. Officer: Fine, we will check its last readings on that planet. Keep all radio coms to the main fleet. I do not wish to make our Warlord, War, anymore angry than he already is.

Gyth Soldier: (Nodding his head) Right sir, will do.

The Gyth ship looks to make its way down, slowly through the atmosphere of the planet. As this happens, Kya and the rest of the gang are being led in the deepest of parts, even they have not travelled. Both Yuni and Joe seem to wrap each other tight, the deeper they go.

Yuni: (Shivering) Geez! These coats aren’t doing much for us, it’s getting cold.

Omario: Even I’ll admit, we’re going way deeper underground than ever before. The temperature is quickly dropping.

Then Omario, quickly slaps a mechanical brace on his wrist and easily tosses two more, to the boys as they grab it.

Joe: What are these?

Omario: They are thermo bans. One of the first things I made here. You push the button and it will easily warm you up, even in extreme cold temperatures.

Yuni: And you just thought about giving us these things, now?

Kya begins to laugh as she listens to the conversation.

Kya: Even I’ll admit, that is kind of harsh, Omario.

Omario: I’ve been busy. Besides, we’ve all stayed warm inside The Freedom. There really wasn’t much need, till now. Kya, Flure, you guys need one?

Kya: No, my body can actually adapt to this temperature. It almost feels like home, given the ice around us.

Omario: (Looking back over to Kya) Kya?

Kya: I’m fine. I’m using my powers to actually keep me warm.

Omario: You’re really getting the hang of using your powers now.

Kya: Thanks to Nitto, and Red also as of lately, practicing with him.

Omario: You and Red have really gotten close lately.

Kya: (Smiling) Don’t be jealous, he is my brother… at least I hope he is.

Omario: Hope?

Kya: Nothing is set in stone. We’re all going by what was said by Nitto, and how we should feel about it. I don’t know if it’s true, and if so, how? All I know is, Blu isn’t here right now, and besides Yuni, Red is all I have as family out here.

Omario: Understandable. But don’t forget us either Kya, we’re family too.

Kya goes over to Omario, kissing him on the cheek, which makes Omario blush.

Kya: You’re more than just family to me, Omario.

The boys quickly interupt Kya and Omario.

Yuni: Really? Right here, right now?

Joe: Yeah, you guys really need to get a room or something.

Flure: Even I hate to interupt, but has anyone seen Silvia?

Everyone stops to look around for the lost friend.

Joe: Gee, she was here a minute ago.

Kya: I think she went back to the others.

Omario: You mean Red and Chancer?

Kya: Yeah, keep in mind, her and Red are like brother and sister too. I can only imagine what’s going through her mind in all this.

The five, continue to follow Kershen, deep in the hollows below. Meanwhile, back up top, Red sits to himself as Chancer watches the loner, not too far off. Chancer can’t help but to go over to him and try to say something.

Chancer: Hey kid, got a minute?

Red doesn’t respond as he looks ahead at the cold landscape. This leaves Chancer to sit next to the silent hero.

Chancer: I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but last time I checked, we’re all on the same team.

Red gives him a quick eye look, before looking the other way again.

Chancer: You and me, we’re a whole lot a like. Although I like to think I’ve changed a lot from the first time I met these guys.

I doubt we’re anything alike.

Chancer, sarcastically raises his hands high as he shouts.

Chancer: The man actually speaks!

Red makes a small grin on his face, trying not to laugh or smile.

Chancer: You really don’t have to play the lone man here, you’re not alone in this.

Red: I’ve learned not to smile much, there is always something that will cause that to turn into a frown.

Chancer: Believe me I know from where I come from, thanks to The Gyth. I lost family, friends, comrades… even a lost love because of them.

Red: Least you knew your family. Up till I was twelve, I have no memory of my past at all.

Chancer: What do you mean? Look around you. If you believe enough of what was said by Nitto, then you know you have Kya, Yuni and Blu as your family.

Red: I don’t want to deny them, but how do you take in account before all of everything else? Why did they have a life that I couldn’t have? How did my parents leave me and they get to live their childhood? Now, the one who seemed to have the answers is gone.

Chancer: You mean Nitto?

Red: No, I mean Blu. There was something about him, just being around him. He challenged me, but he also made me want to be better. I haven’t felt that way since my adoptive father was killed.

Chancer: So you choose not to smile and talk to anyone besides Kya?

Red: No, I choose to be this way, because I made a promise to Blu. The best way to assure that promise, is to be that fighter, the best that I can be, with no emotion. A storm is coming, and I don’t know how big it is, but it’s coming. I want to be as ready and prepared when that time comes.

Chancer doesn’t say anything, almost agreeing with the lost warrior as he isn’t sure what his purpose is now. He looks straight ahead with Red, looking at the sky. Not too far away, Silvia steps back out from under as she sees the two people she seems to care the most about on this journey. She smiles, not letting the cold hold her back, looking to attempt to go forward. But something stops her as she hears a loud noise up above and starts to look up.

Silvia: ( Looking up) Oh no…

Both Red and Chancer look back as they notice Silvia. Chancer sees that Silvia is not looking at them, but something else.

Chancer: Silvia, you okay?

Silvia keeps her head up, scared in a way, not saying a word. This causes concern for Chancer as he begins to look up to the sky. Chancer quickly gets up, giving notice to Red, who gets up too.

Red: Why are you guys acting so weird?

Chancer: Because our vacation looks to be up.

Red decides to look up, seeing what has put fear in the both of Silvia and Chancer’s eyes. A huge Gyth ship slowly descends from the planet’s atmosphere, with its presence looking so ever real and daunting.

Silvia: You don’t think they’ve noticed us, do you?

End Of Chapter.

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